Nvidia CEO Says Moore’s Law Is Dead

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has become the first head of a major semiconductor company to say what academics have been suggesting for some time: Moore’s Law is dead.

Moore’s Law, named after Intel cofounder Gordon Moore, reflects his observation in 1965 that transistors were shrinking so fast that every year twice as many could fit onto the same surface of a semiconductor. In 1975, the pace shifted to a doubling every two years.

The enablers of an architectural advance every generation — increasing the size of pipelines, using superscalar tweaks and speculative execution — are among the techniques that are now lagging in the effort to keep pace with the expected 50 percent increase in transistor density each year, Huang told a gathering of reporters and analysts at the Computex show in Taipei.

“Microprocessors no longer scale at the level of performance they used to — the end of what you would call Moore’s Law,” Huang said. “Semiconductor physics prevents us from taking Dennard scaling any further.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang notes the divergence between semiconductor technology and microprocessor performance at Taipei's Computex show.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang notes the divergence between semiconductor technology and microprocessor performance at Taipei’s Computex show.

Dennard scaling, also known as MOSFET scaling, is based on a 1974 paper co-authored by Robert H. Dennard, after whom it is named. Originally formulated for MOSFETs, it states, roughly, that as transistors get smaller their power density stays constant, so that power use stays in proportion with area.

The diminishing returns from Moore’s Law and Dennard scaling have seen the semiconductor industry enter a mature stage in which just a handful of chipmakers can afford the multibillion dollar investments required to push the process technology forward. By now, only a few chip designers have the deep pockets to double down on fabricating silicon at the 16nm and 14nm nodes, design rules where the distinction has become increasingly blurred.

That stagnation in the progress of technology has also led to rapid industry consolidation in recent years that’s resulted in a flurry of multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions.

 Nvidia’s Huang predicts further advances to come from GPU computing.

Nvidia’s Huang predicts further advances to come from GPU computing.

Even so, Huang suggested a modus vivendi for the semiconductor industry that plays into graphics processors, the products that Nvidia expects will enable continuing advances for years to come. Deep learning will use the processing power of GPUs that Nvidia makes as part of a new architecture that will take the company into artificial intelligence, outside the computer gaming business Nvidia has dominated, according to Huang.

The semiconductor industry is exploring a number of pathways beyond Moore’s Law. Some upstart Chinese chipmakers are taking a stake in Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator FD-SOI.  Others see a future in going beyond planar design to three-dimensional chips.

Nvidia’s bet on artificial intelligence to take the silicon industry forward is bullish, according to Randy Abrams, an analyst with Credit Suisse in Taipei.

Nvidia has highlighted its Volta GPU on 12nm at an 815mm die size, taking up the same surface area as 7 iPhone processors, and connected to 16GB of high bandwidth memory using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s (TSMC) silicon interposer technology. A configuration of eight of these chips in Nvidia’s DGX-1 deep learning / high performance computing machine sells for $149,000.


NVIDIA(辉达)宣布将在NVIDIA Aerial A100 AI-on-5G平台中扩大支援采用Arm架构CPU的产品,为5G产业生态系带来更多选择。此举将使OEM业者能够提供业界标准的伺服器,助力各地的企业在边缘部署智慧服务,这些伺服器皆搭载ARM 架构CPU,并透过Aerial 5G运行NVIDIA AI企业软体。 AI-on-5G晶片发展蓝图 这些NVIDIA认证系统将简化建立及部署自我託管式vRAN的方式,融合人工智慧(AI)及5G网路的能力,提供给私人企业、网路设备公司、软体业者与电信服务供应商。NVIDIA Aerial A100 AI-on-5G运算平台採用NVIDIA Aerial软体开发套件,以及在NVIDIA BlueField-3 A100中配有16个Arm Cortex-A78处理器,形成一个独立的聚合卡,在云端原生的5G vRAN上提供企业边缘AI应用程式,不仅能提高每瓦效能,还可缩短部署时间。 在BlueField-3 A100中加入NVIDIA的AI 软体函式库与Aerial 5G SDK,可以缩短部署时间并推动多项超低延迟的企业AI专案,包括用于产品开发和製造的精密机器人、自动导引车和数位分身。 NVIDIA Aerial A100 AI-on-5G平台Ampere GPU与BlueField-3 DPU NVIDIA AI Enterprise让在混合云环境中运行的大量加速CUDA应用程式、AI框架、预先训练模型和软体开发套件之间可以相容。在经过最佳化后,可以横跨多个节点扩大作业负载的规模,以支援运用GPU虚拟化技术的大型深度学习训练模型。 BlueField-3 A100可以部署于x86与Arm架构的CPU。将Arm技术结合BlueField-3 A100,企业与网路营运商将能够部署软体定义的5G网路基地台及AI应用程式,并可升级各项功能与效能,同时发挥基础设施建设的投资价值。 BlueField-3是为AI与加速运算而打造的资料处理器,协助各企业提供具有高效能表现及资料中心安全性的AI应用程式。它针对5G网路连线、多租户(multi-tenant)、云端原生环境进行最佳化调整,在边缘提供软体定义与硬体加速的网路、储存、安全性及管理服务。 NVIDIA 4月时宣佈与富士通(Fujitsu)、Google Cloud、Mavenir、Radisys及Wind River合作,开发用于NVIDIA AI-on-5G平台的解决方案。备注:图文源自网络,如有侵权请联系删除!
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