Fire Temporarily Shuts Down Keysight HQ

Source:Martin Rowe
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Fires burning in northern California’s Wine Country have temporarily shut down the headquarters of Keysight Technologies. According to a Keysight statement, the four main buildings are intact, though modular buildings suffered damage. The Santa Rosa facility at 1400 Fountaingrove Parkway is temporarily closed. 

Some local news reports inaccurately stated that Keysight’s buildings had been destroyed. 

Keysight’s facility is located in an evacuation zone. The following image, posted on the Santa Rosa Fire Department website, shows Fountaingrove Parkway in the center of the larger evacuation zone . 

A curfew in the evacuation zones, posted on the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department’s Facebook page, was in effect until 7:15 a.m. PDT today. 

“My heart aches when I see the destruction caused by the Santa Rosa fire,” said former HP/Agilent employee Larry Desjardin. “Several friends have lost their homes, and entire neighborhoods have been destroyed in one night of violent fury. The house I lived in is gone. I pray that the fires will be quickly contained so that the rebuilding of lives and neighborhoods can begin shortly.” 

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