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Cap Ceramic 15uF 6.3V X5R 20% SMD 0603 85C T/R
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EDA / CAD Models Download from Accelerated Designs
Datasheets Multilayer Ceramic Chip Cap Range C Series, General Datasheet C Series, Gen Appl & Mid-Voltage Spec C1608X5R0J156M080AC Character Sheet
PCN Part Number MLCC Part Number Change 30/Nov/2012
Online Catalog C Series, General Purpose
Product Training Modules C Series General Applications SEAT, CCV, and TVCL Design Tools Guide to Replacing an Electrolytic Capacitor with an MLCC
Video File High Capacitance Capacitor Measurement Tutorial
Design Resources 20 W Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver Using PL LNK460KG
RoHS Information RoHS Certificate-MLCC