Cypress Stockholders Elect T.J. Rodgers' Nominees to Board

发布时间:2017-06-21 00:00
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After a bitter and contentious proxy fight, shareholders of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. voted Tuesday (June 20) to elect two board members proposed by founder and longtime T.J. Rodgers to the company's board of directors.

Eric Benhamou, whom Rodgers blamed for not recognizing or correcting what Rodgers called a conflict of interest involving former chairman Ray Bingham, failed to win re-election. Bingham abruptly resigned from Cyrpess's board earlier this month, citing the ongoing proxy fight with Rodgers, who remains the largest individual stockholder in Cypress.

Camillo Martino and J. Daniel McCranie, both nominated by Rodgers, will join re-elected Cypress board members W. Steve Albrecht, Hassane El-Khoury, Oh Chul Kwon, Wilbert van den Hoek and Michael Wishart, Cypress said in a statement.

Rodgers, who founded Cypress in 1982, filed suit against his former company earlier this year, alleging conflict of interest by Bingham for his ties to Canyon Bridge Partners, an equity investment firm backed by the Chinese government that is in the process of acquiring Lattice Semiconductor Corp. Cypress had previously considered an acquisition of Lattice.

According to CypressFirst, a shareholder organization set up by Rodgers to support his campain to replace Bingham and Benhamou on the Cypress board, preliminary estimates indicate that Martino and McCranie each received more than 148 million votes, while Benhamou received about 60 million.

T.J. Rodgers
T.J. Rodgers

"We are grateful to Cypress stockholders for their support of our two candidates," Rodgers said in a statement. "I can now get back full-time to my work on innovative technologies for the IoT and in alternative energy and let the Cypress directors do their work."

In a separate statement, Cypress welcomed Martino and McCranie to the board. "“We appreciate the feedback we received from our stockholders and want to welcome Dan and Camillo to the board," the statement read. "We look forward to working collaboratively with them to keep our Cypress 3.0 strategy moving forward and create additional stockholder value."

Cypress also thanked Benhamou for his years of service to the company.


合资企业的成立,旨在加强Cypress在汽车、工业及物联网市场中对于连接、计算和存储解决方案的聚焦,同时能更好地为NAND客户提供持续支持。作为全球嵌入式解决方案领导者,Cypress半导体公司近日宣布已与SK海力士旗下子公司SK Hynix System IC成立合资公司。在合作的前五年时间里,该合资企业将会生产和销售Cypress现有的单级单元(SLC)NAND产品,并将继续投资下一代NAND产品。合资企业将设立在香港,在股权分配上,SK Hynix System IC公司占有60%的股份,Cypress公司则拥有40%的股权。Cypress公司总裁兼首席执行官Hassane El-Khoury提到:“这家合资企业为持续、稳定的长期供应提供了途径。”,“Cypress公司的3.0战略中,一个关键的方面是,关注我们运用于锁定增长市场的核心技术。“我们将继续在差异化上做努力,这涵盖了连接、计算和存储解决方案。这些解决方案都将其目标市场锁定在具有更长设计周期的汽车、工业及物联网市场中。”“我们的NAND客户将能得到合资企业的全方位支持,并持续满足不断增长的客户需求,同时鼓励Cypress能见证合资企业的成功。”Cypress将会把一整套的SLC NAND闪存产品目录转移到合资企业。1Gb至16Gb器件为通信、消费、汽车和工业应用提供可靠的数据存储。这些产品采用紧凑型封装,外形小巧,符合严格的质量标准,包括AEC-Q100汽车级质量。由于需要获得相关适用监管条例的批准及审核,合资企业的实施和启动预计将在2019年的第一季度举行。
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