IMS 2017: 10 Things Not 5G

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 The 2017 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) took place last week in the Hawaiian capital. Billed as "Hawaii 5G, Catch the Wave," IMS 2017 certainly had 5G all over the place: in demonstrations, high-end equipment, technical sessions, and a two-day summit. You might think that 5G completely consumed this year's symposium, but you'd be wrong.

There was a lot more than 5G communications here. Attendees saw the usual contingent of microwave components: antennas, filters, couplers, waveguides, amplifiers, and so on. Many engineers work on military, aerospace, and automotive radar systems, while others design RF energy systems. Here are 10 items that have nothing to do with 5G but have their place at IMS.

An RF filter from Reactel from the outside and inside.

Power dividers from Taiwanese company Chi Shuai come with two, four, six, and eight outputs.

Transer trim capacitor
This trimmer capacitor from Tronser, based in Germany, has a mechanism that prevents it from undershooting or overshooting the desired location, making trimmer easier and more precise than with others I've tried.

The MAX Bend Series of cable assemblies from evissaP can bend very close to the connector, letting it fit into tight spaces — usually inside enclosures.

This board from Dutch company Ampleon contains the company's RF power transistor, as well as a driver, coupler, detectors, and trimmable capacitor. It's primarily used for RF cooking.

The 2017 International Microwave Symposium, billed as #Hawaii5G, had much more. Here are 10 samples of things that don't fall under the 5G hype.

A digital-microscope system from Dino-Lite uses a USB camera that lets you see details on a PC screen. The demonstration here uses a stopwatch mechanism so you can see the motion.

This probing system from Ohio-based Lake Shore Cryotronics contains a vacuum chamber that cools wafers for probing. The vacuum removes air and moisture to prevent freezing.

RF Bible
The RF Bible from Korean-based SR Technology is a catalog of RF components, but it also provides technical information and tutorials.

Although National Instruments did have some 5G in its booth, this game had nothing to do with RF or communications. The goal was to pass the ring along the entire tube's path in 30 seconds without touching the tube. My best was with four hits. Not bad considering it was my first time trying the game.

Someone had a good time designing and assembling this tank with RF connectors.


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