Real Time Wireless Video Transmission from Camera to Head Up Display


Averlogic’s AL582 H.264 Wireless Video Streaming SoC Solution makes possible this real third eye that could transform Defense and Entertainment industry.

A camera mounted to the rail of a rifle beams real-time video to a head-up display,enabling the soldier to see whatever the gun is pointed at,even while he remains safely hidden.

How does it work?


Main Features

  • HD CMOS Sensor input
  • Wireless Video through Head-Up Display
  • H.264 streaming
  • SD card storage&playback
  • Support SD card size up to 128G

Main Benefits

1. Allows soldiers to accurately shoot around corners and prevent 50%kills

2. Averlogic's solution has been successfully adopted in automotive systems

3. AL582,H.264 Video Streaming SoC,provides the best video quality

4. Potential Applications in Entertainment Industry

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