Real Time Wireless Video Transmission from Camera to Head Up Display

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Averlogic’s AL582 H.264 Wireless Video Streaming SoC Solution makes possible this real third eye that could transform Defense and Entertainment industry.

A camera mounted to the rail of a rifle beams real-time video to a head-up display,enabling the soldier to see whatever the gun is pointed at,even while he remains safely hidden.

How does it work?


Main Features

  • HD CMOS Sensor input

  • Wireless Video through Head-Up Display

  • H.264 streaming

  • SD card storage&playback

  • Support SD card size up to 128G

Main Benefits

1. Allows soldiers to accurately shoot around corners and prevent 50%kills

2. Averlogic's solution has been successfully adopted in automotive systems

3. AL582,H.264 Video Streaming SoC,provides the best video quality

4. Potential Applications in Entertainment Industry

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