ePaper collaboration agreement extended

Source:Graham Pitcher
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E Ink is renewing its master supply agreement (MSA) with Plastic Logic in a move intended to speed the market adoption of ePaper displays. The latest MSA is said to provide a commercial framework for the two companies to operate, strengthening their relationship and providing more choice and flexibility to their respective customers.

“One of E Ink’s key market strategies is to partner with the industry leaders to expand the use of ePaper in products and applications,” said Johnson Lee, E Ink’s president. “We expect the partnership to leverage E Ink and Plastic Logic’s expertise to provide more flexible applications to customers.”

Tim Burne, Plastic Logic’s CEO, added: “We are excited by this next phase of partnership with E Ink. Signing the MSA creates mutually beneficial opportunities for geographic expansion, the penetration of new markets and the further acceleration of e-paper displays’ adoption in a multitude of applications.”

According to IHS, the flexible display market will be worth $15.5billion in 2022, fuelled by the increasing popularity of wearable and mobile devices with flexible displays.

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